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Monthly Archives: August 2014

What are our Drama Queens up to?

Did you know that the Writer/Director of SLIGHTLY DRAMATIC is also a top notch song-and-dance man?

Catch Jeff Scot Carey in THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR, a new musical comedy running until August 31st at the NoHo Arts Center! This guy can do everything!!



On July 31st, cast member Emily Clark (Emily Jordan) stumbled upon some (M)orons in NYC.  They thought she was so cool and pretty and interesting, they featured her on the podcast, Who Gives a Sh!t? Chatting with (M)orons with Alex Brightman, Drew Gasparini, and F. Michael Haynie.

This is definitely Rated-R humor, and NSFW… you have been warned.
Episode 6 – Featuring Emily Clark

Learn more about the (M)orons at



Cast member, Andy Kenareki (Franklin T. Hendrix) has a YouTube channel! His hilarious comedy sketches will make you pee with laughter!

Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @AndyKComedy and LIKE his official page on Facebook, Andy K Comedy!